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4. Command line startup commands are no longer started by the order in
which they are entered, example: 'seamonkey -mail -browser' no longer
opens the mail window first and then the browser window. See:

[Bug 457497 -  SM 2.0a1 does not follow commandline preferences]
This _is_ an issue that, while an irritant, does have implications for
commercial environments/setups that use 'seamonkey -mail -browser' to
open their SeaMonkey suite.

When I, just now, tried 'seamonkey -mail -browser', I expected to be looking at my browser page, as I expected SM to open my mail page then open the browser, however I was left looking at my mail, with the browser opened in the background.

Wondering if my prefs setting to open just the mail may have mucked things up a bit, I then tried 'seamonkey -browser -mail' and was left looking at my browser page!

Seems the first named is the active page, now! Has this situation changed from SM 1.x? Deliberately??

(using his sister's computer)
(Test driving SM 2.x)
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