Tony Mechelynck wrote:

Of course, it's still an alpha build, so every user uses it at his own risk, the usual disclaimer is in order: it may crash your hard drive, beat your dog to death, put your house on fire and elope with your spouse. No complaints accepted, no reimbursements given out.

So with a program like SeaMonkey how is this treatment of 'alpha build' any different from the treatment of a general/'official'
release to the public? 8:-)
Only difference that I know of is that there's a longer interval
between things with a general release label, and the code bundle
available for download is frozen more solidly.
Warranty? :-) , Actionable Assurances? :-) , reimbursements :-) :-) ?
In either case the developers want error-reports/feedback! Is that
what you call complaints?

Yes I know even MS or all other for $$$ products state 'as is' and
'not responsible' et.c in their disclaimers and boiler plate EULAs.

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