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Of course, it's still an alpha build, so every user uses it at his own
risk, the usual disclaimer is in order: it may crash your hard drive,
beat your dog to death, put your house on fire and elope with your
spouse. No complaints accepted, no reimbursements given out.

So with a program like SeaMonkey how is this treatment of 'alpha build'
any different from the treatment of a general/'official'
release to the public? 8:-)
Only difference that I know of is that there's a longer interval
between things with a general release label, and the code bundle
available for download is frozen more solidly.
Warranty? :-) , Actionable Assurances? :-) , reimbursements :-) :-) ?
In either case the developers want error-reports/feedback! Is that
what you call complaints?

No, it was an attempt at humor (as with the dog-house-spouse business). Of course serious bug reports are welcomed, they're part of the process of making the product better. Actually, even if you come to this NG to create a new thread titled "This stuff is crap, I'm going back to IE" I don't think you'll be flamed much (though I wouldn't really know, it's the kind of thread I "mark thread as read" without opening them), though you might get polite remarks about using polite language and explaining what you think is bad so that it could be fixed. As for reimbursements, of course, how much did you disburse to obtain SeaMonkey in the first place?

About how fast things move, actually SeaMonkey might be thought of moving much more slowly than Firefox, but considering how undermanned its developing team is, and the fact that it's 100% volunteer work, I think they're still doing quite a lot while upholding the "traditional" Suite concept and its look&feel: when I see all the novelties the Firefox team has recently come up with, I don't think I approve them all; it's even gone to the point where I wonder how long I'll still keep a Firefox version running in parallel with SeaMonkey 2. Maybe until Fx2 EOL but everyone's saying that's imminent.

Yes I know even MS or all other for $$$ products state 'as is' and
'not responsible' et.c in their disclaimers and boiler plate EULAs.

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