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Daniel wrote:
This morning I've checked, and read, my mail, I've checked the new messages here, then I moved on to check the messages in the moz.general group, and, after reading a couple there, and using the browser for a bit of stuff, I found that I could not get new messages, well..... the message header info would change, but the old message text still displayed.

I clicked on several messages, one at a time and waited for the "Done" to appear in the bottom line. But the message content did not change, didn't matter if I checked a new message or a message that I had already read.

Then I switched back to my mail account and the same thing. First email I clicked on, the header info changed but the message pane was empty. Tried others....about the forth email I clicked on, the body did display, then that message body stuck when I clicked on other emails, but again the header info changed, just the body content stayed the same.

I've switched the View|Message Body As from Original HTML to Simply HTML to Plain Text....no change!

Now to read my emails or NG posts, I'm having to click on the message then click "Reply" to actually read the message.

What's Happened??

Daniel (who may or may not be able to read your replies!!)

what happens when you restart the program?

Peter, (I've got your disease where it's taking more than a couple of minutes for my message to appear on this server!!)

I've restarted SM. Interestingly, this time it was the browser that started up first, then I had to start the Mail section and it seems to be working now. At least the message bodies are showing.

We'll see how we go later!!


Started up all o.k. this morning!!

Don't know what happened....nor what happened to my first reply to Peter!!

I'm having exactly the same problem since some weeks!
The only solution I found is to switch off SM but when I try to restart it nothing happens. The only way is to kill SM in the task manager.
Then SM works again perfectly for several hours or even days!
Next time it happens I will see if the reply button works as for Daniel.
I'm using Windows 2000.

if you shut it down and its still in the task manager, then that means it hasn't shut down properly. There are 2 possible solutions: 1 is to kill it using the task manager, and the other is to delete the file parent.lock [or .parentlock or whatever its called for your OS]

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