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>> > If after closing the application, it is still found in the
>> > task manager, isn't the process is still running? (Yes, it is).
>> > 
>> > Are you sure you want to suggest that he can delete the lock file
>> > at this point?
>> > 
>> > Won't simply deleting the lock file allow a new process to start
>> > even while one process is still running - possibly resulting in
>> > corrupted profile data?
>> You're completely right.  If the process can't be killed, rebooting
>> would be a better idea than deleting the lockfile while the process is
>> still running.  (I wouldn't have bothered with a "you're right" post
>> if there weren't somebody else apparently still claiming the lockfile
>                                                          ^^^
>> will kill the process;  it won't.)
> That should have read "claiming that deleting the lockfile".

Right. I knew, of course (that it won't kill the process). I just didn't
want to bother the NG with the inevitable back and fourth of trying to
convince him of his mistake. Some people just don't make mistakes :-\

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