On 01/27/09 11:07, Peter Potamus the Purple Hippo wrote:
> Mark Hansen wrote:
>> On 01/27/09 09:31, Peter Potamus the Purple Hippo wrote:
>>> Mark Hansen wrote:
>>>> On 01/27/09 08:13, Peter Potamus the Purple Hippo wrote:
>>>>> horst39 wrote:
>>>>>> On 23.01.2009 23:44,  Daniel wrote:
>>>>>>> Daniel wrote:
>>>>>>>> Peter Potamus the Purple Hippo wrote:
>>>>>>>>> Daniel wrote:
>>>>>>>>>> This morning I've checked, and read, my mail, I've checked the new 
>>>>>>>>>> messages here, then I moved on to check the messages in the 
>>>>>>>>>> moz.general group, and, after reading a couple there, and using the 
>>>>>>>>>> browser for a bit of stuff, I found that I could not get new 
>>>>>>>>>> messages, well..... the message header info would change, but the 
>>>>>>>>>> old message text still displayed.
>>>>>>>>>> I clicked on several messages, one at a time and waited for the 
>>>>>>>>>> "Done" to appear in the bottom line. But the message content did 
>>>>>>>>>> not change, didn't matter if I checked a new message or a message 
>>>>>>>>>> that I had already read.
>>>>>>>>>> Then I switched back to my mail account and the same thing. First 
>>>>>>>>>> email I clicked on, the header info changed but the message pane 
>>>>>>>>>> was empty. Tried others....about the forth email I clicked on, the 
>>>>>>>>>> body did display, then that message body stuck when I clicked on 
>>>>>>>>>> other emails, but again the header info changed, just the body 
>>>>>>>>>> content stayed the same.
>>>>>>>>>> I've switched the View|Message Body As from Original HTML to Simply 
>>>>>>>>>> HTML to Plain Text....no change!
>>>>>>>>>> Now to read my emails or NG posts, I'm having to click on the 
>>>>>>>>>> message then click "Reply" to actually read the message.
>>>>>>>>>> What's Happened??
>>>>>>>>>> Daniel (who may or may not be able to read your replies!!)
>>>>>>>>> what happens when you restart the program?
>>>>>>>> Peter, (I've got your disease where it's taking more than a couple of 
>>>>>>>> minutes for my message to appear on this server!!)
>>>>>>>> I've restarted SM. Interestingly, this time it was the browser that 
>>>>>>>> started up first, then I had to start the Mail section and it seems 
>>>>>>>> to be working now. At least the message bodies are showing.
>>>>>>>> We'll see how we go later!!
>>>>>>>> Daniel
>>>>>>> Started up all o.k. this morning!!
>>>>>>> Don't know what happened....nor what happened to my first reply to 
>>>>>>> Peter!!
>>>>>>> Daniel
>>>>>> I'm having exactly the same problem since some weeks!
>>>>>> The only solution I found is to switch off SM but when I try to restart 
>>>>>> it nothing happens. The only way is to kill SM in the task manager.
>>>>>> Then SM works again perfectly for several hours or even days!
>>>>>> Next time it happens I will see if the reply button works as for Daniel.
>>>>>> I'm using Windows 2000.
>>>>>> Horst
>>>>> if you shut it down and its still in the task manager, 
>>>>> then that means it hasn't shut down properly.  There 
>>>>> are 2 possible solutions: 1 is to kill it using the 
>>>>> task manager, and the other is to delete the file 
>>>>> parent.lock [or .parentlock or whatever its called for 
>>>>> your OS]
>>>> If after closing the application, it is still found in the
>>>> task manager, isn't the process is still running? (Yes, it is).
>>>> Are you sure you want to suggest that he can delete the lock file
>>>> at this point?
>>>> Won't simply deleting the lock file allow a new process to start
>>>> even while one process is still running - possibly resulting in
>>>> corrupted profile data?
>>>> It seems he should look for why the process is still running. Perhaps
>>>> he has quick launch enabled (is that still available?) or there is
>>>> some other problem.
>>>> Now, if after killing any instances of the process in the task manager,
>>>> you can't run the application (because it claims it is already running),
>>>> then I think you need to look into removing the lock file.
>>> there are many reasons why the program is still running 
>>> even after you've closed it.  It could be a faulty 
>>> audio or video stream, it could be a bad extension, it 
>>> could be a screwed up java script or java applet, and 
>>> so forth.
>> So?
>> Does that tell you that it is acceptable to remove the lock file while the
>> application is still running (as shown in the task manager)?
>> Do you somehow believe that removing the lock file will kill the still
>> running process?
> if you've closed the program, but the task manager is 
> still showing it as running, then yes, kill it with the 
> parent.lock file.

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