On 01/22/2009 05:33 PM, Daniel wrote:
> This morning I've checked, and read, my mail, I've checked the new 
> messages here, then I moved on to check the messages in the moz.general 
> group, and, after reading a couple there, and using the browser for a 
> bit of stuff, I found that I could not get new messages, well..... the 
> message header info would change, but the old message text still displayed.
> I clicked on several messages, one at a time and waited for the "Done" 
> to appear in the bottom line. But the message content did not change, 
> didn't matter if I checked a new message or a message that I had already 
> read.
> Then I switched back to my mail account and the same thing. First email 
> I clicked on, the header info changed but the message pane was empty. 
> Tried others....about the forth email I clicked on, the body did 
> display, then that message body stuck when I clicked on other emails, 
> but again the header info changed, just the body content stayed the same.
> I've switched the View|Message Body As from Original HTML to Simply HTML 
> to Plain Text....no change!
> Now to read my emails or NG posts, I'm having to click on the message 
> then click "Reply" to actually read the message.
> What's Happened??
> Daniel (who may or may not be able to read your replies!!)

You need to say which version of SM and what OS. I experienced this same
problem a few revs back from 1.1.14 - can't recall which one or the bug
report right now. But I recall that it was fixed.
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