David L. Ross wrote:

Here's one I just hit. Visit >www.apple.com/support/>
SM will not let me enter text into the search field. The one on the left. FF will. Been this way for a few weeks.

There are others I just haven't been keeping a list. I really like SM for it's integration, IMAP, and the ability to adjust the browser via the tools menu for cookies and such but the staff at the businesses I support are getting restless.


That's at best poorly written code. They've included the search text input field *inside* the text label for the input field, i.e.,

<label for="FIELDNAME">Enter keywords or serial number <input type="TEXT" id="FIELDNAME"></label>

It should be:
<label for="FIELDNAME">Enter keywords or serial number</label><input type="TEXT" id="FIELDNAME">

You could make a good argument that SM is doing the right thing.

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