Lemuel Johnson wrote:
David L. Ross wrote:

Here's one I just hit. Visit >www.apple.com/support/>
SM will not let me enter text into the search field. The one on the left. FF will. Been this way for a few weeks.

There are others I just haven't been keeping a list. I really like SM for it's integration, IMAP, and the ability to adjust the browser via the tools menu for cookies and such but the staff at the businesses I support are getting restless.

That's at best poorly written code. They've included the search text input field *inside* the text label for the input field, i.e.,

<label for="FIELDNAME">Enter keywords or serial number <input type="TEXT" id="FIELDNAME"></label>

It should be:
<label for="FIELDNAME">Enter keywords or serial number</label><input type="TEXT" id="FIELDNAME">

You could make a good argument that SM is doing the right thing.

Yes I could. And that be the start of the process to replace me.

I know there's a lot of crappy web sites out there. But my clients have to use 
them and have little to no leverage over getting them fixed. So I can either 
tell them to be pure and virtuous or help them do what's needed to get their 
work done.

Apparently the new SM v2 builds work better. And back to my original question. 
Is there a current goal date when this might be ready? Quarter? Year?

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