Daniel wrote:
Geoff Welsh wrote:
Peter Potamus the Purple Hippo wrote:

create a test profile and see if the problem continues in that. Does it?

I can't create a test profile. SM doesn't function. There are no menu bar items. (see pic again.)


Geoff, try giving yourself a new profile. From the Windows Start button, make yourself down to the SeaMonkey Profile Manager (Notice I typed SeaMonkey Profile Manage, not Windows Profile Manager!!) and set yourself up with a new profile.

If SeaMonkey works in this new profile, come back here and we can advise you how to move your mail and stuff into the new profile.


First off, I don't use Windows, note the subject line.
Secondly, /MY/ SM works just fine, I do not need to move anything.

I'm talking about a new User account for my computer being able to use SM also, which as of now it cannot do.

Does Windows not have User accounts, so no one understands the problem?
A User account is like having a whole different computer, inside the same machine. Every App launched is in virgin mode with no prefs or profiles or Bookmarks, etc.

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