Peter Potamus the Purple Hippo wrote:
Geoff Welsh wrote:
Daniel wrote:
Geoff Welsh wrote:

It looks like this:

I have no idea how long that red text goes for, as it's obviously cut-off the screen.
Notice the blank menu bar (with the exception of the word SeaMonkey)


Geoff, looks to me that you have an incompatible extension, something to do with "SavePage"!

Have you got the Extension Manager and the Extension Uninstaller installed, so that, under "Tools" (I think), you can see what extensions you have installed??


Thanks for the input Daniel. I don't have any of that stuff. I've never, to the best of my recollection, tried to install any extensions. I like SM "out of the box".


create a test profile and see if the problem continues in that.  Does it?

I can't create a test profile. SM doesn't function. There are no menu bar items. (see pic again.)

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