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Ray K wrote:
My only real problem with SM is the slow browser.

What do you find slow? We're using the same browser component as Firefox 2 in SeaMonkey 1.1 and the same as Firefox 3.1 in SeaMonkey 2, so I wonder how it can be different in speed.

Robert Kaiser

Now that I've installed FF3, I see that my concern over migrating from SM was not warranted. All the bookmarks, history, passwords, etc. migrated effortlessly as part of one of the installation choices. Congratulations to the developers for that.

For whatever reasons, FF is dramatically faster that SM 1.1.14 (and IE). Maybe SM doesn't like my W2k, or maybe some of my other settings are slowing SM but not FF. Maybe FF's excellent popup blocker is the difference.

My home page is With SM, when I click on a link, the new page often - but certainly not every time - is delayed in opening. Task Manager shows SM as Not Responding. At the bottom status line, I see Read (or Waiting for) If I wait, sometimes up to a minute, SM starts responding and the page loads. With FF, this has not happened so far.

One other immediate improvement. With SM, if I received an email with a wmv attachment, and double-clicked it, it would not play unless all SM windows were closed. This is not a problem with FF.

Some grumbles/comments:

1. If I scroll down on my home page and click on a link, after viewing the new page and clicking on Back, the scroll bar on returns to the top position instead of its previous lower position. This is mainly a problem with links from (regardless if I've signed in or not).

If I start from simply, scroll down, click a link and then return, the scroll bar does return to it previous position. So it appears to be be something odd about, but IE manages to remember the previous scroll position.

2. With SM, as I type a previous visited address in the the URL box, autocomplete would put the most likely address right into the box so all I'd have to do is press Enter. Now, FF is similar to IE; it merely opens a drop-down list for me to choose from. I have to use an arrow key first to make the selection, then press Enter. Also, I'm not wild about the two lines that appear for each entry.

3. Tools/Options seem much more limited in some ways. I don't see a way of modifying the autocomplete operation mentioned in 2 above. I don't see a password manager. I thought that Parental control was missing, but now I see that it is an add-on.

4. It would be nice to be able to delete items that appear when I click on History, either by highlighting the item and pressing Delete or opening a right-click menu with Delete and Delete All as options.

Maybe some of the above issues are because I haven't explored FF enough yet. But I certainly do love the increased speed. Now I have to explore Thunderbird.


don't forget, you're comparing apples to oranges. FF3 and SM 1.1x are not the same. You need to compare SM1.1x to FF2.x or SM2 to FF3.

....and, to be fairer still, Ray should be comparing SM to FF AND TB, i.e. both running at once! (so the RAM useage is closer!)

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