Martin Feitag wrote:

pdf is handled by Adobe Reader plugin on that machine
That's why I tested with avi, too.
In both cases (wmv & avi) a window with mailbox:///xxxxxx is being opened.
Whilst avi is being opened by VLC, wmv is opened by WMP.
The difference is: VLC opens and plays the file, WMP opens and does not.
It just complains that there is a problem with the url or site or the filetype cannot be detected "blablabla" (of course it plays that file without problems when opened file-manager)

The plug-in hint was good though. Although both applications open in a separate window SM's "helper-application" lists "Windws Media Player Plugin Dynamic link library" for wmv-files. When set to "Windows Media Player" directly it works fine.
Ray, you may want to edit your helper-applictions that way. :-)

I went to Helper Applications, highlighted File Type video/x-ms-wmv, and clicked on Edit. The tick mark was next to 'Open it using the default application". I then changed the tick to "Open it with"; the path tha was already in the box was c:\Program Files\Windows Media Player\wmplayer.exe. I click on Okay, and I got a message that SM can handle this type internally. I clicked on Proceed anyway, but I still couldn't play the wmv attachment if any instances of SM were open.

I never saw the words "Windws Media Player Plugin Dynamic link library."

I like FX so much that I'm going to worry about this problem any more.l I doesn't exist with FX, and I will be abandoning SM shortly.

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