On 02/23/2009 11:54 AM, Ray K wrote:
> Robert Kaiser wrote:
>> Ray K wrote:
>>> My only real problem with SM is the slow browser.
>> What do you find slow? We're using the same browser component as Firefox 
>> 2 in SeaMonkey 1.1 and the same as Firefox 3.1 in SeaMonkey 2, so I 
>> wonder how it can be different in speed.
>> Robert Kaiser
> Now that I've installed FF3, I see that my concern over migrating from 
> SM was not warranted. All the bookmarks, history, passwords, etc. 
> migrated effortlessly as part of one of the installation choices. 
> Congratulations to the developers for that.
> For whatever reasons, FF is dramatically faster that SM 1.1.14 (and IE). 
> Maybe SM doesn't like my W2k, or maybe some of my other settings are 
> slowing SM but not FF. Maybe FF's excellent popup blocker is the difference.

My guess is that you have: 1) a clean profile with Fx3 and so it's not
cluttered up by any extensions/add-ons that you have installed in SM,
and 2) you need to compare with SM 2.x rather than with 1.1.14.

> My home page is my.yahoo.com. With SM, when I click on a link, the new 
> page often - but certainly not every time - is delayed in opening. Task 
> Manager shows SM as Not Responding. At the bottom status line, I see 
> Read (or Waiting for) l.yimg.com. If I wait, sometimes up to a minute, 
> SM starts responding and the page loads. With FF, this has not happened 
> so far.

That is a yahoo issue and profile issue. Test with a new/clean test profile.

> One other immediate improvement. With SM, if I received an email with a 
> wmv attachment, and double-clicked it, it would not play unless all SM 
> windows were closed. This is not a problem with FF.

Really? You receive email with FF (Fx actually)? Or are you talking
about when you are logged into your ISP's web mail application?

> Some grumbles/comments:
> 1. If I scroll down on my my.yahoo.com home page and click on a link, 
> after viewing the new page and clicking on Back, the scroll bar on 
> my.yahoo.com returns to the top position instead of its previous lower 
> position. This is mainly a problem with links from my.yahoo.com 
> (regardless if I've signed in or not).
> If I start from simply yahoo.com, scroll down, click a link and then 
> return, the scroll bar does return to it previous position. So it 
> appears to be be something odd about my.yahoo.com, but IE manages to 
> remember the previous scroll position.

Ask yahoo.com.

> 2. With SM, as I type a previous visited address in the the URL box, 
> autocomplete would put the most likely address right into the box so all 
> I'd have to do is press Enter. Now, FF is similar to IE; it merely opens 
> a drop-down list for me to choose from. I have to use an arrow key first 
> to make the selection, then press Enter. Also, I'm not wild about the 
> two lines that appear for each entry.


> 3. Tools/Options seem much more limited in some ways. I don't see a way 
> of modifying the autocomplete operation mentioned in 2 above. I don't 
> see a password manager. I thought that Parental control was missing, but 
> now I see that it is an add-on.

Are you still talking about Fx (FF), SM, or Thunderbird? You don't see
Tools|Password Manager in your 1.1.14?

> 4. It would be nice to be able to delete items that appear when I click 
> on History, either by highlighting the item and pressing Delete or 
> opening a right-click menu with Delete and Delete All as options.
> Maybe some of the above issues are because I haven't explored FF enough 
> yet. But I certainly do love the increased speed. Now I have to explore 
> Thunderbird.

You might want to give SM 2.x a try. If not mozilla.support.thunderbird
and mozilla.support.firefox are down the hall to the left :-)

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