Answer - when Seamonkey converts to plain text it does so BADLY.
Most paragraph breaks are removed (no blank line between paragraphs) and
sometimes lines are broken at odd boundaries.  I think there are explainable
anomalies for this behavior, but either SM needs a much better converter,
or give us the -option- to turn it off.


keith_w wrote:

>  > What I find hard to understand is, why do people insist in composing simple
>  > text MAIL messages in html? Doesn't plain text ASCII adequately transmit
>  > sense and purpose to the message?
>  > One can underline and italicize for emphasis, if that's what one wants...
>  > what more is needed?
>  > No, I mean, really needed?
>  >
>  > keith whaley
> You might want to post this to the newsgroup / list... ;-)
> Greetings,
> Jens
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