"I don't know if SM converts from html to plain text badly or not,
if it does convert badly, wouldn't that be an even better reason to
send in htlm so that there is no conversion necessary??? "

SM converts from HTML to Plain Text BADLY.  Take my word for it.
Biggest problem is that paragraph breaks are reduced, eliminating
blank line between paragraphs.  Text also sometimes wraps improperly
(Newlines appear in the middle of lines).

So i compose in HTML by default.  I look at what I composed in HTML.
I like what I see (i.e., format is correct).  and I hit SEND.  Then I
go into my Sent folder, and look at what SM sent out, and it's
HORRIBLE!  The paragraphs are all run-on to each other, lines are
randomly broken etc.

This is a BAD thing.

Yes, I could COMPOSE in plain text, but that is a less convenient
thing to do.  I have to manually wrap my lines, and I can't use an
easy-to-read font (for composition).

All I'm asking for is a general setting (on the about: page) that
disables auto-conversion.  I would ask to have the conversion fixed,
but that seems like more work and you guys work too hard already.  How
hard is it to just SEND the HTML that was composed?

Thanks very much - looking forward to SM 2.0!

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