Answer - when Seamonkey converts to plain text it does so BADLY.
Most paragraph breaks are removed (no blank line between paragraphs) and
sometimes lines are broken at odd boundaries.  I think there are explainable
anomalies for this behavior, but either SM needs a much better converter,
or give us the -option- to turn it off.


keith_w wrote:

 > What I find hard to understand is, why do people insist in composing simple
 > text MAIL messages in html? Doesn't plain text ASCII adequately transmit
 > sense and purpose to the message?
 > One can underline and italicize for emphasis, if that's what one wants...
 > what more is needed?
 > No, I mean, really needed?
 > keith whaley

You might want to post this to the newsgroup / list... ;-)



Am I misunderstanding something here??

Keith asks why do people insist on sending what should be simple text messages as HTML, and /j says that SeaMonkey converts to plain text badly.

I don't know if SM converts from html to plain text badly or not, but, if it does convert badly, wouldn't that be an even better reason to NOT send in htlm so that there is no conversion necessary???

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