I work with SM 1.1.14.
On my mail account - View Settings for this account - Composition & Adressing - I have the option "Compose messages in HTML format "SET".
So there is no need to do something for each mail sent.

In addition, when in mail -> Options -> Format -> is by default set to Auto-Detect.

googl...@kwcpa.com wrote:
I only wish I could.  The only way to do this requires me to do
Options -> Format -> Rich Text
EVERY TIME I send an email.

If i just write an email, and send it.  The conversion is automatic,
unheralded, and unstoppable.

Just a suggestion - read the top of the thread before you reply - it's
all up there.


On Mar 24, 7:18 pm, Ray_Net <tbrraymond.schmit...@tbrscarlet.be>
googl...@kwcpa.com wrote:
Again - Please!  a way to turn off auto-conversion to plaintext.
Why not view and send in html ?
So there is no conversion to plaintextinvolved.

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