Yes Ray - that option is there - Feel free to set it.  I have mine
set.  Doesn't make any difference.  Seamonkey will STILL convert your
messages to plain text when it thinks it's appropriate.  So if you
want to be sure that you send in HTML, you MUST do something for EACH
Email.  This is well documented in the thread I refer to at the top of
this discussion.

Not sure why so many people want to insist, without checking, that
there isn't a problem.   strange... 8-}

On Mar 25, 6:47 pm, Ray_Net <>
I work with SM 1.1.14.
On my mail account - View Settings for this account - Composition &
Adressing - I have the option "Compose messages in HTML format "SET".
So there is no need to do something for each mail sent.

no, you're missing one setting: Edit, Preferences, Mail & Newsgroups, Send Format, and at the top right, select either the 3rd or 4th setting.

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