JeffM wrote:
> google00@ wrote:
>> SM converts from HTML to Plain Text BADLY.  ...
>> ...I ... look at what SM sent out,
>> and it's HORRIBLE!  The paragraphs are all run-on to each other,
>> lines are randomly broken etc.
> Patient:  Doctor, It hurts when I do this. (Raises arm.)
> Groucho (wearing white coat and stethoscope):  Don't do that.

Sounds like an incompetent doctor (and an excessively snarky response).

If you can't do things you _should_ be able to do, then your trying to do
it is _not_ the problem (and the real solution isn't to just stop trying to
do it).

SeaMonkey _should_ do a reasonable job rendering HTML into text.  If it
doesn't, it's not the fault of a user who composes in HTML.

Perhaps there's some lynx or links2 code that could be used in SeaMonkey to
create the text rendition of HTML messages.

(Plain text sometimes corrupted to HTML "courtesy" of Microsoft Exchange.) [F]

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