On 04/10/2009 05:50 PM, NoOp wrote:
> On 04/10/2009 05:19 PM, Frank Wein wrote:
>> NoOp wrote:
>>> On 04/10/2009 09:11 AM, Frank Wein wrote:
>>>> NoOp wrote:
>>>>> I normally do not run windows, and run linux instead. However I've been
>>>>> running WinXPPro (SP3) on a second machine to assist someone
>>>>> troubleshooting a SeaMonkey issue. I've run into an issue with upgrading
>>>>> from SM 1.1.14 to 1.1.15 and now 1.1.16 whereby I receive WinXP startup
>>>>> errors due to SM replacing the MAPI32.DLL in the Windows System32
>>>>> directory upon each upgrade. To add insult to injury... 1.1.15 & 1.1.16
>>>>> required reboots.
>>>>> If I leave the SM mapi32.dll installed, I received the following error
>>>>> on startup:
>>>> [...]
>>>> Try deleting the registry key
>>>> HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Mozilla\Desktop\Mapi_backup_dll (if it
>>>> exists, that is :). 
>>> No key; I even did a registry search.
>> [...]
>> Hrm, strange. As far as I see this, there are two places in the code
>> where mapi32.dll can be replaced with the SeaMonkey mozMapi32.dll:
>> 1) On install, but only if these two conditions are met:
>> 299     // If Mapi_backup_dll *and* the default var of
>> 300     // HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Clients\Mail is set, then install
>> 301     // mozMapi32.dll to the windows system dir as Mapi32.dll.
>> 2) When setting SeaMonkey MailNews as default mail client and the
>> Mapi32.dll file present is some old dll (as mentioned before) or another
>> strange version of the DLL. Here I wonder a bit: The Mapi32.dll I have
>> here on Windows XP has as version "1.0.2536.0" (5.1.2600.0 as product
>> version) and as description "Extended MAPI 1.0 for Windows NT". You
>> mentioned as version "4.0.835.1374", what description does the DLL have?
>> I'm wondering if this is the original DLL from Windows XP or another
>> (3rd party?) DLL? Do you happen to have Exchange or Groupwise installed?
>> Frank
> The mapi32.dll is microsoft:
> Description: Extended MAPI 1.0 for Window NT
> Company: Microsoft Corporation
> File Version: 4.0.835.1374
> The system had Groupwise & Exchange installed on it (since removed) and
> is valid.
> <http://www.google.com/search?complete=0&hl=en&q=mapi32.dll+%2B"4.0.835.1374"&btnG=Google+Search>
> However, it should not matter; SM shouldn't replace the file in
> system32. What I can do, if I find time later this weekend, is to
> completely purge SM and then reinstall first 1.1.16 (then purge that)
> and then 2.0a3 again. That way I can determine exactly which one is the
> culprit. I'm pretty sure that it was the update from 1.1.15 to 1.1.16,
> but I want to be positive before adding to the bug.

OK Frank, here is what I've done (it's Friday night & I'm going sailing
this weekend so figured I'd better test now):

Note: all of the following with the WindowsSearch.exe program installed.

1. Used fixmapi.exe to replace the mozilla SM mapi32.dll in \system32\ -
that version is MS 1.0.2536.0.
2. Purge SM - all (Windows 'Add or Remove Programs) & deleted the
\mozilla\ folder in 'Documents and Settings'.
3. Rebooted & installed SM 1.1.16 (complete - no quicklaunch). I only
ran a cursory check - browser works & accepted making it my default
browser. Checked mapi32.dll - no change, it stayed the same.
4. Created a newsgroup account (news.mozilla.org) and accepted making SM
as the default mail application. Checked mapi32.dll - no change, it
stayed the same.
5. Purged SM 1.1.16 & \mozilla\ folder and rebooted.
6. Installed SM 2.0a3 (most recent as my copy was a 'pre' version).
7. Repeated 3 above w/2.0a3 - Standard + all Optional Components
(interesting license agreement): Checked mapi32.dll - no change, it
stayed the same.
8. Repeated 4 above: Checked mapi32.dll - no change, it stayed the same
(MS version).

If I get time later I can try with the 4.0.835.1374 mapi32.dll to see if
that makes any difference + try with my old \mozilla\ data to see if
there is something in that causing the issue.


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