BeeNeR wrote:
On or about 4/21/2009 1:33 AM, Garrett Czmor typed the following:
Ever since downloading the new version of SeaMonkey, I have had problems
. The other day, SeaMonkey completely re-installed itself and all my
saved websites were gone. In fact, I had to set up a new account as if
this was my first time. My addresses were still there. This morning
everything was working good. A few hours later, I checked my mail and a
box pops up and say connection refused. I kept trying then I got
connection timed out. I could send mail but not get any. I checked and
all the settings are OK. I had to go to my Verizon account to access my
mail. About a half hour later, I tried my SeaMonkey mail again and it
worked fine. Have no idea what's going on. Sometimes I might be right in
the middle of a website and suddenly I get a message that SeaMonkey has
to close down. I didn't have any of these problems until I down loaded
this latest version.

Verizon was having some problems with their pop3 server yesterday.
That may have been your e-mail problem

Thank you. That explains why it sort of just cleared up on its own. That explains my not getting mail last night but not the SeaMonkey crashes that happens almost once a day. Again thanks.
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