Peter Potamus the Purple Hippo wrote:
Garrett Czmor wrote:

I think I found two:

XFX1SHYS.slt C:\documents and settings\administrator\application data\mozilla\profiles\default 11/23/08

Y6hfjqyz.slt c:\documents and settings\administrator\application data\ mozilla\profiles\Default User 4/21/09

fantastic, now we're getting somewhere. It looks like you have 2 profiles, and yet, the SM Profile manager isn't seeing the other.

So, close SM, and make sure its closed by looking in the task manager [ctrl+alt+del]. If you see SM in the Process tab, then end it. I'll explain about this below.

Once SM is closed, click on the windows start button, then run and enter:

seamonkey.exe -p

this will bring up the SM profile manager. From there, create a new profile and call it:


exactly as I have it. Don't call it Default or it might not work. Now, you should see a button called Choose Folder. Click on that, and point it to:

C:\documents and settings\administrator\application data\mozilla\profiles\default

and don't go any further. SM Should now pick up that profile and you can start using it. Start SM using that profile. Do you see your old mail, bookmarks, etc?

Something else you might want to know. I clicked off the internet and had just my desktop screen running when I got this message. "Seamonkey encountered a problem and needs to close". It was already closed? Another box showed "Seamonkey.exe APPNAME: Seamonkey.exe APPVER 1.8.20090.40306 MODNAME:jsd3250.dll OFFSET:00002177

Basically SeaMonkey works and I can get my mail (might have a Verizon problem) but it still crahes once in a while.

sometimes when you close SM, its still running in the background eventhough you can't see it. You can check by looking in the task manager and see if its there. Some of the common causes of this is because you're still streaming audio or video and that part of SM plugins needs to close first before SM officially closes. Sometimes this can take a long time. For others, like me, its only a few seconds. Other causes is a bad addon/extension, a poorly writing java applet, and a few others. In your case its jsd3250.dll. I have no idea what this is or what to do about it. From what I can find, it seems to happen for those using Yahoo Mail, and you need an updated firebug:

If you don't have this addon, then I would hesitate in adding it.

OK, I did exactly everything you said to the letter. What I got was a brand new SeaMonkey asking me to set up a email account etc.(with the SeaMonkey welcome page) My book marks are gone too. I didn't check to see if my mail was there because it acts like I'm a new user again. In order to answer you now, I'm using the other "default user" profile which has everything. I'd say that trick didn't work.

I do use Yahoo mail occasionally but only through internet explorer. Perhaps I should (as you say) update firebug?
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