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Hiya SeaMonkies :-)

I have used TBird for many years and in that time for numerous
reasons I had to transfer the user data to the new installation and
it was the ultimate pain.

Now I am looking for something that is far less bloated, and still
secure and simple. Simple enough to be able to transfer all the user
data to a new installation of the program in less than about an hour.

I'm told it is a combination of a browser and email reader. One thing
I absolutely require is emails in my computer - not on the ISPs
websites with all of their crap ads.


If you are the kind of user who gets into irreversible trouble with a
dedicated email application (and you've answered that question in your posts on the Tbird board), IMO you really don't want to install a single program that functions as three different applications, because getting into trouble with a multi-purpose application means uninstalling everything, at least in
the absence of being able to fix it.

Although I am a big fan of Seamonkey in its present versions, I second Roger's answer to you.

Being able to fix minor problems - and you will get lots of help here - is critical. Believe me, transferring TB from one machine to the other is very simple, provided you take the time to gather information and carefully use it.

Transferring Seamonkey data to another machine requires basically the same steps, so if you think Seamonkey will solve the problems you encountered, think again.

The strong point of SM is combining a browser and an email program into one, as Netscape and Mozilla Suite did. Some prefer this approach, some don't.

The latest version of SM (1.1.16) is for me ideal: it combines the ease of use of TB and the (relative) simplicity of FF2 which I prefer by fare to FF3's.

But Roger's point remains: whatever your beef against TB, moving to SM will not make eliminate its source.

This being said, welcome to the club if you decide to join!

My thanks to all for the responses.

The issues with transferring the accounts is only one of the regular problems I have had. I have to cope with the add-ons and have to change them regularly when the webmail and ypops stop working. Is it the same with the monkey?

I guess that you might be able to mess SM with add-ons same as you apparently did with TB. The wise man makes sure to be able to fall back on the preceding install when install an unknow add-ons. Although I did try a number of add-ons, I have always had a copy of my previous version handy and it only took me a few seconds to restore a working version.

Backing up your profile is also a basic precaution. But again, this applies to both TB and SM and I cannot see why one did not serve you and the other would. SM is, to simplify, FF and SM combined. Thankfully, the present version of SM combines, IMHO, the best versions of both, which is not the same as the most recent.

John Doue
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