John Doue wrote:
> Roger Fink wrote:
>> RF wrote:
>>> Hiya SeaMonkies :-)
>>> I have used TBird for many years and in that time for numerous
>>> reasons I had to transfer the user data to the new installation and
>>> it was the ultimate pain.
>>> Now I am looking for something that is far less bloated, and still
>>> secure and simple. Simple enough to be able to transfer all the user
>>> data to a new installation of the program in less than about an
>>> hour.
>>> I'm told it is a combination of a browser and email reader. One
>>> thing
>>> I absolutely require is emails in my computer - not on the ISPs
>>> websites with all of their crap ads.
>>> TIA
>> If you are the kind of user who gets into irreversible trouble with a
>> dedicated email application (and you've answered that question in
>> your posts on the Tbird board), IMO you really don't want to install
>> a single program that functions as three different applications,
>> because getting into trouble with a multi-purpose application means
>> uninstalling everything, at least in the absence of being able to
>> fix it.
> Although I am a big fan of Seamonkey in its present versions, I second
> Roger's answer to you.
> Being able to fix minor problems - and you will get lots of help here
> -
> is critical. Believe me, transferring TB from one machine to the other
> is very simple, provided you take the time to gather information and
> carefully use it.
> Transferring Seamonkey data to another machine requires basically the
> same steps, so if you think Seamonkey will solve the problems you
> encountered, think again.
> The strong point of SM is combining a browser and an email program
> into
> one, as Netscape and Mozilla Suite did. Some prefer this approach,
> some don't.
> The latest version of SM (1.1.16) is for me ideal: it combines the
> ease
> of use of TB and the (relative) simplicity of FF2 which I prefer by
> fare
> to FF3's.

You can actually replicate the integrated feel of the SeaMonkey suite to a
significant degree merely by installing minimize-to-tray for the two
applications TB & FF, and a common theme such as Mostly Crystal. So if you
get into trouble with either one, well then what happens in Las Vegas stays
in Las Vegas. I actually go to the extreme of using a separate newsreader
program to REALLY keep my mistakes compartmentalized, but I believe under
the rules of posting here, I'm not allowed to mention what it is.

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