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I had the same failure on their test page, read the instructions,
and solved it.

The answer was here: <>

Print or memorize the instructions, close SeaMonkey, update the
setting in the Java Control Panel, then relaunch SeaMonkey and
revisit the test page.

Thanks for all responses.

I just installed SeaMonkey 1.1.17. I then un-installed Java 6 Update 14 and then re-installed it.

Then I followed the directions you gave me. Unfortunately, I still
get the same problem on their test page.

Also, in the "Default Java for browsers" icon, I checked "Mozilla Family". I closed Java's control panel and reopened it. The "Mozilla Family" box was unchecked! It seems that on my system J6-U14 blantantly refuses to run on SeaMonkey. SeaMonkey is my favorite browser so this really frustrates me. I don't get along with any browser other than SeaMonkey.

Is there a workaround?

The fact that others can run it successfully with SeaMonkey disproves the theory that the two are incompatible.

On my first attempt, I left SM open when I updated the setting in the Java Control Panel, and it didn't take. But if you did close SM before checking the box and it still didn't take, perhaps it's a Vista issue (I'm on XP Pro SP3).

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