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I did an internet search for "SeaMonkey and Java"
and one of the sites suggested was by
a favorite programmer at cljh: Roedy Green.
This is what he had to say about the search topic 

Thanks but that site does not tell me how to make J6-U14 work with
SeaMonkey 1.1.17

The J6-U14's refusal to work is pissing me off so much I feel like
cursing god.

I first completely removed Java from my system by uninstalling it in
the Windows control panel.

I then installed J6-U14 again. Still, it stubbornly refuses to work
with SeaMonkey.

Assuming the following with brutally force J6-U14 to work with

... Just how do I do the following:

"Set up the association for Java Web start.
View Preferences => helper Applications => new/edit =>
Mime Type: application/x-java-jnlp-file
Description: Java Web Start
Extension: jnlp
Open using the default application"

BH left out a step (I should know, I just made the same mistake the other day)...

Edit | Preferences | NAVIGATOR | Helper Applications...

Then continue as above.

Don't know if it'll help, since Java works fine here so I haven't tried it. But on inspecting my existing list, I see a similar entry, the only difference being that the Description and Extension fields are blank.

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