On 06/24/2009 08:24 AM, James wrote:
> I don't know how to do what you're suggesting.  I signed up to the group 
> and requested a daily digest due to the large number of emails I 
> receive.  I have been manually adding the subject [as I did with this 
> message] in the belief/hope that that would place it in the right thread.
> The page you reference has a ton of info.  I haven't read it all but if 
> there's specific parts I can read to make my messages fit better with 
> the format here I would appreciate a hint.
> At present I don't even remember the link to the page where it's 
> possible to reply or post directly without replying to the list, as I'm 
> doing here.
> This digest arrives as a single text document for some reason that I do 
> not understand or know how to adjust.  I receive many Yahoo groups and 
> somehow this one is listed in my Yahoo groups too, although I didn't 
> think Yahoo had anything to do with it.  There is ONE Yahoo group where 
> the entire digest comes through exactly like this one [a single text 
> document], but I have no clue as to why or how to fix it.  I'm not 
> literate with things like newsgroups.  All of the other groups have a 
> reply option at the bottom of each message which puts the reply in the 
> right thread [I think].
> If someone will be kind enough to point me to the URL where I can reply 
> directly to individual messages I'll take a look at that.
> Thanks,
> James

Simple: click on

That will add this group to your news. You should then see:
'news.mozilla.org' underneath your email account, click on the right
triangle to expand (just as you would your email account to expand the
folders), you'll then see the mozilla.support.seamonkey folder, right
click that and click 'Open in New Mail Window'[1]. You now have access
to this newsgroup via your newsreader (nntp). You can then view & reply
to messages in the group. When you reply to a post, simply click
'Reply', do not select 'Reply All', compose your reply (please trim
posts when needed) and click 'Send'.

After you become used to reading/posting via the newsgroup, you can then
unsubscribe from the mailing list/archive if you wish.

[1] It's not necessary to 'Open in New Mail Window', but it simply makes
it easier to have one window for email and another for newgroups. If you
prefer, just click 'mozilla.support.seamonkey' and it will stay within
your original email window.

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