On 06/23/2009 06:40 PM, James wrote:
> Okay; I just installed Seamonkey 1.1.7 and then installed Adblock Plus.  
> I did not have to run Seamonkey as administrator in order to do that.
> Next I went to the Java test page and found the Dancing Duke indicated 
> Java is working fine, so I guess I don't have to reinstall it [since I 
> just installed the latest].
> James

Now that you have java working...

You might consider: 1) subscribing to the group via nntp rather than the
list as you continue to post new threads every time you reply, or 2)
ask/figure out how to use SeaMonkey to reply *only* to the thread rather
than posting a new reply [1].

To use nntp:

You might find this a better method anyway... you don't have to deal
with list emails.

[1] I can't advise on how to do this as I do not use the list to
communicate here.

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