I don't know how to do what you're suggesting. I signed up to the group and requested a daily digest due to the large number of emails I receive. I have been manually adding the subject [as I did with this message] in the belief/hope that that would place it in the right thread.

The page you reference has a ton of info. I haven't read it all but if there's specific parts I can read to make my messages fit better with the format here I would appreciate a hint.

At present I don't even remember the link to the page where it's possible to reply or post directly without replying to the list, as I'm doing here.

This digest arrives as a single text document for some reason that I do not understand or know how to adjust. I receive many Yahoo groups and somehow this one is listed in my Yahoo groups too, although I didn't think Yahoo had anything to do with it. There is ONE Yahoo group where the entire digest comes through exactly like this one [a single text document], but I have no clue as to why or how to fix it. I'm not literate with things like newsgroups. All of the other groups have a reply option at the bottom of each message which puts the reply in the right thread [I think].

If someone will be kind enough to point me to the URL where I can reply directly to individual messages I'll take a look at that.


From: NoOp <gl...@sbcglobal.net.invalid> To: support-seamonkey@lists.mozilla.org Subject: Re: What most advanced Java compatible with Seamonkey? Message-ID: <e9sdnzwmqtmlftzxnz2dnuvz_hgdn...@mozilla.org> Content-Type: text/plain; charset=UTF-8 [...]

Now that you have java working...

You might consider: 1) subscribing to the group via nntp rather than the
list as you continue to post new threads every time you reply, or 2)
ask/figure out how to use SeaMonkey to reply *only* to the thread rather
than posting a new reply [1].

To use nntp:

You might find this a better method anyway... you don't have to deal
with list emails.

[1] I can't advise on how to do this as I do not use the list to
communicate here.

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