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BH left out a step (I should know, I just made the same mistake the
other day)...

Edit | Preferences | NAVIGATOR | Helper Applications...

Then continue as above.

Don't know if it'll help, since Java works fine here so I haven't tried
it. But on inspecting my existing list, I see a similar entry, the only
difference being that the Description and Extension fields are blank.

I just completed all of the above. *Still*, J6-U14 is adamant in not
working with SeaMonkey

The installer seems to be a bit stupid.
If not done yet: Try uninstalling java, deleting ALL java folders (perform a search for "java" (without the quotes) including system and hidden files/folders (enable them in the folder-options and make sure to select advanced in the search!), then re-install java to a *non-default* path (any change will do).
That should (hopefully) wipe out all problems.

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