On 7/16/2009 1:53 PM, Barry Edwin Gilmour wrote:
>   Barry Edwin Gilmour wrote:
>>  David E. Ross wrote:
>>> On 7/15/2009 9:59 PM, Ant wrote:
>>>> On 7/15/2009 8:38 AM PT, David E. Ross typed:
>>>>>>> I noticed lately Gizmodo's Web pages are rendering slowly and 
>>>>>>> hogging
>>>>>>> Web browser's CPU and memory badly.
>>>>>>> Example:
>>>>>>> http://gizmodo.com/5313690/why-you-cant-complain-about-the-price-of-todays-gadgets
>>>>>>> Is anyone else having this problem? If so, then what's going on? 
>>>>>>> Thank
>>>>>>> you in advance. :)
>>>>>> on FF / XP-SP2 that URL is a crapper... there is a script
>>>>>> running that refuses to be killed, so I closed FF, disabled 
>>>>>> JavaScript
>>>>>> and re-opened the URL.... it works properly that way for me.
>>>>>> Try disabling JS, see what happens your end!
>>>>>> reg
>>>>> I've seen Web pages with scripts that, when rendering of the page is
>>>>> done, a script then downloads additional scripts from a server.
>>>>> Sometimes it seems that one of the addtional scripts then downloads 
>>>>> even
>>>>> more scripts.  Since I have a dial-up Internet connection, this really
>>>>> slows things down.
>>>>> The Web site for the Vanguard Group (mutual funds) is one such 
>>>>> site.  I
>>>>> generally disable JavaScript when viewing pages at that site.  
>>>>> However,
>>>>> I must enable JavaScript for certain pages to complete transactions or
>>>>> view account statements.
>>>> Did you ever e-mail the Web team over there? If so, then any luck? :(
>>> There is also a problem with viewing parts of the Vanguard site with
>>> SeaMonkey, caused by sniffing for "Firefox" and not "Gecko".  See bug
>>> #417955 at<https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=417955>.
>>> I sent E-mail to the Web team, I called them on the phone, and I sent a
>>> postal letter to the CEO.  They claim that the security of their Web
>>> site requires that they test the site for any browser they allow to view
>>> it.  (After all, Vanguard is one of the two largest mutual fund groups
>>> in the U.S.)  They tested the site for Firefox but not for SeaMonkey.
>>> They don't agree that "Gecko is Gecko".  As for the delays caused by the
>>> use of scripts that download more scripts, their response was that I
>>> should use broadband service instead of dial-up.
>>> As for the sniffing for "Firefox", I ran into the same problem with my
>>> bank and my credit union.  I "solved" the problem by creating a special
>>> SeaMonkey profile where I am permanently spoofing Firefox.  (The UA
>>> string ends with "SeaMonkey/1.1.17 NOT Firefox/".)  To make
>>> these sites work, I also had to set my preferences to accept all cookies
>>> and all popups.  I am careful not to browse any other sites from that
>>> profile.
>> David, I think it may be a little-more complicated than simply 
>> sniffing the Firefox vs SeaMonkey UA.
>> I don't have a Vanguard account, so that may be a factor for me...
>> I don't spoof-UA ever, but using the nightly-Linux-64bit build over 
>> broadband ~
>> Mozilla/5.0 (X11; U; Linux x86_64; en-US; rv:1.9.2a1pre) 
>> Gecko/20090716 Lightning/1.0pre SeaMonkey/2.1a1pre ID:20090716013332
>>  on your UA/Flash test-URL at
>> <https://personal.vanguard.com/us/VanguardViewsArticlePublic?ArticleJSP=/freshness/News_and_Views/news_ALL_mmyields_01262009_ALL.jsp&src=NMC&returnLink=/freshness/News_and_Views/news_ALL_mmyields_01262009_ALL.jsp>
>> I got this :-
>> http://www.flickr.com/photos/22198...@n03/3727717220/sizes/l/
>> Which I think, renders the page OK? What do you think? Barry.
> A possible-clue maybe that at the time you made that test, you were 
> using 32bit Flash (10.0 r12), whereas I notice I am now using 
> 64bit Flash- edition, which is more-stable than that older 
> flash which had many-rendering-problems, including fullscreen-crashes on 
> 32bit-Linux.

Actually, I block Flash by using the FlashBlock extension.  I do not
seem to miss any significant content in the Vanguard site by blocking

In general, when a Web page uses Flash, it's merely for a whiz-bang
effect and contributes nothing to content.  This is true for most Web
sites, not just Vanguard.  Yes, there are a few sites that require Flash
for navigating; for some sites, the home page is merely one large Flash
presentation.  I consider that to be an abominable practice.  (For cases
when I cannot avoid viewing a Flash presentation, I'm currently using
Flash  I'm running WindowsXP SP2.)

David E. Ross

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