On 7/15/2009 2:40 AM, squaredancer wrote:
> On 15.07.2009 10:17, CET - what odd quirk of fate caused  Ant to 
> generate the following:? :
>> I noticed lately Gizmodo's Web pages are rendering slowly and hogging 
>> Web browser's CPU and memory badly.
>> Example: 
>> http://gizmodo.com/5313690/why-you-cant-complain-about-the-price-of-todays-gadgets
>> Is anyone else having this problem? If so, then what's going on? Thank 
>> you in advance. :)
> on FF / XP-SP2 that URL is a crapper... there is a script 
> running that refuses to be killed, so I closed FF, disabled JavaScript 
> and re-opened the URL.... it works properly that way for me.
> Try disabling JS, see what happens your end!
> reg

I've seen Web pages with scripts that, when rendering of the page is
done, a script then downloads additional scripts from a server.
Sometimes it seems that one of the addtional scripts then downloads even
more scripts.  Since I have a dial-up Internet connection, this really
slows things down.

The Web site for the Vanguard Group (mutual funds) is one such site.  I
generally disable JavaScript when viewing pages at that site.  However,
I must enable JavaScript for certain pages to complete transactions or
view account statements.

David E. Ross

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