On 7/15/2009 8:38 AM PT, David E. Ross typed:
I noticed lately Gizmodo's Web pages are rendering slowly and hogging Web browser's CPU and memory badly.

Example: http://gizmodo.com/5313690/why-you-cant-complain-about-the-price-of-todays-gadgets

Is anyone else having this problem? If so, then what's going on? Thank you in advance. :)
on FF / XP-SP2 that URL is a crapper... there is a script running that refuses to be killed, so I closed FF, disabled JavaScript and re-opened the URL.... it works properly that way for me.
Try disabling JS, see what happens your end!


I've seen Web pages with scripts that, when rendering of the page is
done, a script then downloads additional scripts from a server.
Sometimes it seems that one of the addtional scripts then downloads even
more scripts.  Since I have a dial-up Internet connection, this really
slows things down.

The Web site for the Vanguard Group (mutual funds) is one such site.  I
generally disable JavaScript when viewing pages at that site.  However,
I must enable JavaScript for certain pages to complete transactions or
view account statements.

Did you ever e-mail the Web team over there? If so, then any luck? :(
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