Boppy wrote:
Right, got my bookmarks, mail etc back.
Now I've got this weird deformed status/component bar at the bottom.
How can I shrink it back to normal size?

Thanks in advance,

Image of deformed bottom bar:

Jo, this "weird deformed status/component bar at the bottom" of the browser screen usually means that one (or more) of your extensions is not suitable for SM 1.1.17.

To fix this, you need to install the Extension Manager 2.0 and the Extension UnInstaller API 2.1 from Then you should be able to see the Extension Manager under Tools in SeaMonkey.

Use the Extension Manager to disable or uninstall one or two extensions at a time and the re-start SeaMonkey until the Browser image looks right. Try and find an updated version of the sus extension.

Hope that helps.

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