On Jul 22, 11:24 pm, Daniel <d...@albury.nospam.net.au> wrote:
> Boppy wrote:
> > Right, got my bookmarks, mail etc back.
> > Now I've got this weird deformed status/component bar at the bottom.
> > How can I shrink it back to normal size?
> > Thanks in advance,
> > Jo
> > Image of deformed bottom bar:http://bayimg.com/OACGBaAcM
> Jo, this "weird deformed status/component bar at the bottom" of the
> browser screen usually means that one (or more) of your extensions is
> not suitable for SM 1.1.17.
> To fix this, you need to install the Extension Manager 2.0 and the
> Extension UnInstaller API 2.1 fromhttp://www.mozmonkey.com/. Then you
> should be able to see the Extension Manager under Tools in SeaMonkey.
> Use the Extension Manager to disable or uninstall one or two extensions
> at a time and the re-start SeaMonkey until the Browser image looks
> right. Try and find an updated version of the sus extension.
> Hope that helps.
> Daniel

Hi Daniel, thanks for replying. As this is a clean install of
Seamonkey (and I've uninstalled and reinstalled several times since
yesterday) isn't it a bit odd that it would have an extension that I
haven't installed?

Unfortunately I can't get your recommended file to install as I get an
error message "not a valid install package" error for both components.
Running the file from a download simply asks me to pick an application
to open it with.

Under Tools I have the option to click on Extension Uninstaller but
doing so simply brings up a warning telling me to install the app,
which I can't do.

Grateful for further guidance. This extra large bit at the bottom of
my screen has never been a problem before - I've used Seamonkey for
several years. It's odd that it's cropped up now. The only difference
is that I now have newly re-installed Vista along with SP2 ( SP1
caused the crash).

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