Russell wrote:
On Wed, 14 Oct 2009 18:47:06 -0400, KristleBawl <> wrote:

Open about:config (type it in your address bar and press Enter)
Proceed past the warning. Right-click somewhere in the list, and choose New > Boolean. Enter network.protocol-handler.expose.mailto as the name and set the value to true.

Hi KristleBawl,

I celebrated too soon... :-(

I reinstalled Seamonkey 2 RC thinking that the above would work and I could
start using it for day-to-day browsing. But for some reason it does not. Still
launches its built-in email client when clicking on mailto links.

Have you tried the above with success?


After the above, make sure Seamonkey is *not* the default mail client (it probably becomes default during installation) and open your preferred mail client and reset it as the default. It should work.

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