J. Weaver Jr. wrote:
Robert Kaiser wrote:
Russell wrote:
Perhaps someone will jump in with an easy fix. I do hope the final release
offers the same install flexibility as did the previous versions.

SeaMonkey 2.x will not allow installing without the mailnews component.

Robert Kaiser

Then you will lose at least one customer - my wife, for whom I've been doing the "Browser only" install. She's come to love Seamonkey, but she's been using Outlook as a mail client for umphteen years now, and won't (and shouldn't have to) change.

Actually, make that _two_ customers, because if I have to find and support some other browser-only solution for her, then I'll probably change to something else myself, in my never-ending attempt to minimize the number of different apps I have to keep track of around here.

Please, PLEASE, reconsider removing the "Browser only" install option. Or please, make sure instructions are available for whatever registry hack (ugh) is required to restore that functionality. -JW

If what Robert says holds true, I would think the instructions for a "Browser only" installation would be easy.......USE FIREFOX!!!

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