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Open about:config (type it in your address bar and press Enter)
Proceed past the warning. Right-click somewhere in the list, and
choose New > Boolean. Enter network.protocol-handler.expose.mailto as
the name and set the value to true.

Hi KristleBawl,

I celebrated too soon... :-(

I reinstalled Seamonkey 2 RC thinking that the above would work and I
start using it for day-to-day browsing. But for some reason it does
not. Still
launches its built-in email client when clicking on mailto links.

Have you tried the above with success?


After the above, make sure Seamonkey is *not* the default mail client
(it probably becomes default during installation) and open your
preferred mail client and reset it as the default. It should work.

When I open Help and look at Mail & Newsgroups Preferences, it states, in part:

Use SeaMonkey Mail as the default mail application: Select SeaMonkey Mail & Newsgroups as the default mail application for Windows and from within other applications such as Microsoft Word.

Note: Setting SeaMonkey Mail & Newsgroups as the default mail application may disable another mail application. To restore the other mail application as the default, deselect this option.

All of the options are grayed out and cannot be deselected. If this option worked as advertised in the Help section, would that not solve Russell's problem without resorting to about:config?
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