Bret Busby schrieb:
> I don't have Flash installed (I won't have anything to do with it), and
> I do not have Java enabled for SeaMonkey. I try also to avoid having
> anything to do with Java.
> When I leave SeaMonkey running and it crashes, as far as I am aware, it
> is not using any plugins.
> Two of the web sites that I access, in one of my browser windows (a
> particular bookmark set includes the two web sites), auto refresh, one
> about every ten minutes, the other, I am not sure of the frequency. I
> have not been able to find how to stop the auto-refreshing and thus how
> to instead use only manual refreshing.
> One web site is an online news web site, and the other is a weather
> observation web site. The weather one is the one that auto-refreshes at
> ten minute intervals.
> But, that auto-refreshing, should surely not cause the application to crash
Auto-Refresh is no feature of SM afaik. Have you tried using these
websites with a new SM-profile? (whithout installing any extension for
the first start)


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