Bret Busby schrieb:

>>> From what I understand, auto-refreshing is an HTML or javascript
>> functionality, which is interpreted by the browser, rather than being
>> funtionality of the browser. Thus, it is the code on the particular
>> web pages, rather than something from within SeaMonkey, that causes
>> the auto-refreshing.
>> In reading the weather observations web page agin, after posting the
>> message above, I found that the observations are updated every ten
>> minutes, and the web page reloads every five minutes. Nothing
>> significantly different to what I said above, I think, but it needed
>> correcting.
>> Apart from using the Classic theme, and Adobe Reader, which does not
>> apply to the particular web pages, I believe that I have no extensions
>> of plugins installed on this installation of SeaMonkey.
>> Is there a simple way of finding what, if any, extensions and/or
>> plugins are insstalled and linke to a SeaMonkey installation?

type about:plugins in the address-bar.

> The news web page that refreshes when it wants to, is written in
> javascript, so I can't find the auto-refresh command.

Aaaah, thought you had the tabbrowser extensions or similar and
refrshing the tab(s).
Feel free to use the NoScript extension
or the prefbar and uncheck the Javscript checkbox of it.

> The weather observation web page that refreshes every five minutes, has
> the auto-refresh command included in the header HTML code;
> "<meta http-equiv="Refresh" content="300">" ;
> nice and simple, and easy to find.
> If SeaMonkey had a way of overruling auto-refreshing, by using a switch,
> the same way that some web browsers manage to overrule and stop pop-ups,
> it would be quite convenient, and, reduce bandwidth wastage

None that I know of, maybe someone else has another hint for that one.

I never had any problems with meta refresh, I still wonder why SM should
crash from it, SM1 without exension is usually rock-stable.

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