Robert Kaiser wrote:
Phillip Jones wrote:
Hope you fix the dead Master Password window each time a new update is
installed bug before it turns golden. I'll let him know.

If you have a patch and can get reviews as well as check it in last week, then we can do it, else you have to live with it at least for 2.0 and hope someone will come up with a fix for 2.0.1 - right now I'm not even sure if a bug report is there yet, let alone a cause or patch.

Then I'll have to figure out how to add items in SM 1 since I downloaded
SM 2

Not sure what you mean with that...

Robert Kaiser
On the second part when I first downloaded SM and opened I had it to import everything from SM.1.1.8. I still use SM 1.1.8 while waiting for quote Colors to be updated. My favorite Theme SkyPilot has already made it over. What I want to do is update all the items that have changed in SM 1.1.8 since I have imported the settings. I wish you could just hit import setting again and it would update. I have a few items in email in SM 2 I don't want to lose. I'd like everything added.

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