On 10/23/09 07:19, Ant wrote:
> On 10/22/2009 6:47 AM PT, Mark Hansen typed:
>>>>> I noticed a design flaw? If the e-mail uses the same titles, it seems to 
>>>>> organize into that same thread even though they are not the same, just 
>>>>> the same titles.
>>>> E-mail doesn't have the References header, so I'm pretty sure it must
>>>> thread via the subject header.
>>> Ah thanks.
>> But of course, as we've learned in another branch of this thread, when
>> an e-mail has a Reference header, it is used. When it doesn't have one,
>> then the Subject is used (this happens by default in 1.1.X, and not by
>> default in 2.X).
> Interesting. Is there a way to tell SM not to merge if no reference headers?

Here's what Jens had to say:

> But not in SM 2, unless you set mail.strict_threading to false. That 
> pref was defaulted to true in bug 449821.
> Jens

It sounds like that preference was available in 1.1.X but defaulted to
false. Try setting it to true and see if it does what you want.
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