On 10/21/09 11:12, Mark Hansen wrote:
> On 10/21/09 09:24, Martin Freitag wrote:
>> Mark Hansen schrieb:
>>> On 10/20/09 21:50, Ant wrote:
>>>> I noticed a design flaw? If the e-mail uses the same titles, it seems to 
>>>>   organize into that same thread even though they are not the same, just 
>>>> the same titles.
>>> E-mail doesn't have the References header, so I'm pretty sure it must
>>> thread via the subject header.
>> Most emails for me do have a reference when viewing the full header.
>> http://img269.imageshack.us/img269/4274/rferencesx.png
>> Martin
> So I see mine do here as well (I should have looked first :-(  )
> I wonder if SM uses that to thread e-mail messages? I would think
> it would. Does it then use the subject line for messages that don't
> have it? I guess I could test it and see...

Well, I just tried it and it worked. I sent an e-mail with a subject
of "Foo", then I sent a second e-mail with a subject of "Re: Foo", but
not actually a reply to the first mail - a completely separate e-mail
message. SM threaded the two together (assuming I have the mail box
configured for threading view).

I verified that the second e-mail didn't have a References header (as
expected - since I didn't create it using a Reply To action).

So ... it seems to *also* thread using the subject line.

FYI (for what it's worth).
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