sean.nat...@invalid.knights.nee wrote:
> Jonathan N. Little wrote:
>> Cruz, Jaime wrote:
>>> SamuelS wrote:
>>>> Pat Connors wrote:
>>>>> I started getting also.
>>>>>> Just started seeing a message when I go to the GMail website: This
>>>>>> version of Firefox is no longer supported, please upgrade your
>>>>>> browser.


>>> WHAT solution?  He didn't provide one, he just said he was having the
>>> same issue?
>> In the warning there is a "dismiss" link. Click it.
> one doesn't get this warning when downloading gmail via pop or imap into
> Seamonkey... going to the gmail website seems counterintuitive to me...

True, but OP said "when I go to the GMail website" where you do get that
message. Which I just confirmed it, but don't with pop...I use SeaMonkey
currently with gmail pop without issue.

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