sean.nat...@invalid.knights.nee wrote:

just a question, why bother "logging in" to their websites at all, when
Seamonkey will download via pop or imap?

i mean, i have 12 e'mail addresses all being downloaded via imap just so
i never have to spend time logging into webmail pages.

A good question....

For the most part, I detest using webmail clients, and have a strong preference for POP or IMAP. However, I also maintain accounts with a number of free providers, either for testing purposes, or thow-away activity, where I generally don't care about what's delivered there. For those kinds of accounts I really don't want to bother with setting up POP or IMAP access, because it's rare that I want to check them, and I don't want the distraction of having them available.

That said, I found that I make enough use of a Yahoo account that I did set up IMAP access for that, and I check about once a day. I use that one just frequently enough that it's nice to not have to go through Yahoo's login processes, although they have complained about an inadequately secure setup, because I don't go through 2-factor authentication.

For the mailboxes that I live in, I still prefer POP to IMAP, because it fits my specific work flows. However, one negative to POP is that if there's a server-level spam folder, I have to make occasional web checks, to inspect, to make sure that there isn't anything legitimate that has turned up there (as well as adjusting server junk/not junk designations).


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