NFN Smith wrote:
Cruz, Jaime wrote:
Just started seeing a message when I go to the GMail website: This
version of Firefox is no longer supported, please upgrade your browser.

Not sure when this started happening though.

I'm seeing an uptick in sites complaining about Seamonkey, especially
mail providers.  I haven't checked Gmail recently, but I'm getting flak
from both and fastmail.

On these two, I just tested a little while ago on a "bare metal" profile
(minimal changes from defaults), and they aren't preventing me from
logging in, even if they're complaining.  However, I have my working
profile tweaked enough that I'm not able to log into either of those
sites, either in Safe Mode, or by using browser spoofing (showing
Firefox 49).

I know that with Seamonkey 2.40, the "advertise Firefox compatibility"
shows Firefox 43.0, and it may be that that's what various sites are
complaining about. I haven't checked, but it wouldn't surprise me that
those sites would be complaining about a connection a true Firefox 43.0


just a question, why bother "logging in" to their websites at all, when Seamonkey will download via pop or imap?

i mean, i have 12 e'mail addresses all being downloaded via imap just so i never have to spend time logging into webmail pages.
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