Thunderbird menus (as in the link) are different from SM, but I solved the problem of switching to in 2.49.2 by the expedient of deleting

2.49.2 doesn't seem to like being required to use multiple smtp servers, any more than switching default search engines.

As an experiment I reinstalled SM 2.48. End of problems. 2.48 has no problem sending through gmail's smtp without needing to delete anything. Or with sending through Yahoo's smtp without producing spurious characters in the final result.

So I'll be using 2.48 at least until 2.49.3 arrives. This is sad!

Frank-Rainer Grahl wrote:

cmcadams wrote:
This is interesting. As an experiment I changed my SM 2.49.2 default SMTP from to Then I tried repeating the example I tried
before with the same results. BUT...Seamonkey was NOT using Gmail's SMTP 
server, if
the box that pops up after you click Send is a true indication. It was still 

Either something's wrong or PEBKAC...


Lemuel Johnson wrote:
On 2/21/2018 2:20 AM, Frank-Rainer Grahl wrote:
If you can reproduce it file a bug. Might be in shared mail / news code with
Thunderbird so if you run this too try there also.


The problem occurs in both current TB and SM.  But ONLY if I send through the
ATT/Yahoo SMTP server.  The issue does not appear if I use my hosting company
(Bluehost) server.

This is bad.  The last time I went down this road it took MONTHS for them to 
acknowledge there was a problem.

They do not want people to use email clients.  They want to be able to inundate 
with ads in webmail.

Lem Johnson

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