They do have a choice, nothing is forcing them to run freenet.
It doesn't matter that they can't see exactly what their node is doing, but only the fact that they know what their node is probably doing. If someone gives you a package in Mexico and ask you to carry it across the boarder. You do so and customs finds it full of drugs. It doesn't matter that you didn't see what was in there or even if it was locked and you couldn't see what was in there. All that matters is that a reasonable person would know what's in there.

Not if you are a regular goods carrier and are doing legal transportation business. When did you - yes, you personally - last prosecute a USPS employee for carrying a packet of drugs from Mexico to the US in the course of his normal business? When did you prosecute USPS itself for the same?

The point you refuse to see is: freenet is not all illegal.
Most of the information on it is legal. Its intentions, stated
and not, are legal. Mos of its users use it for legal purposes.
There is a great difference between a system meant to carry
legal traffic, which sometimes gets abused, and a system that
is especially designed to carry illegal traffic.

Then again, there isn't much point in discussing legal fineties
in The Great Republic of Our Beloved Leader and usdoj.gov has
gained a well-deserved reputation to match that of its sister
services in China, Belarus and Kazakhstan. Bottom line is: WRT
the US, you are right.


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