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> Hello,
> I control a unix (linux enterprise) server for my web sites.  Can I run a node on 
> this and access it from home?  Obviously typing will not pull 
> it up since it is at a server farm in another state. (USA).

Sure. The safest way to do this would be to ssh tunnel to the other
machine. Read "man ssh" - the -L or -R option should do this. Then you
could forward the port and use, and you can't be eavesdropped.
> Also, if I have a router at home and 2 comps (XP machines) can I have each computer 
> running a node?
> With the above resources how do I get the most out of it? (configuration).  My 
> BIGGEST thing is speed.  I hate not finding what I am looking for and I hate file 
> not founds.
> What would be better, unstable or stable?

> Thanks.
> Mike
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